Thursday, October 1, 2009

Drawings 002

I've recently enjoyed playing around with gags. I like the fact that they don't really need to make any sense which takes away a lot of restrictions when thinking about the drawing itself.

In saying this I think the best gags are still driven by a direction to it, it just isn't tied to a whole bunch of meanings or logic or realism or technical factors or formulas or ....

Note: I did this a good year ago, it was sort of the start of playing around with gags. It was very cluttered staging and the characters are as exciting as "a plain boiled egg in a cup" but I still like the gag in general.

Here's a basic gag I had where the character is so overexcited that his head "Asplodes" and then it sort of regrows itself by folding his body inside out through his butt.

In the nature feel of gags, I think a lot of people in the real world enjoy this type of thinking where a character isn't driven by realistic logic but with a different type of logic where it only makes realistic sense on a basic level.

I think the only reason why people don't want to try cartoons is because of that period in cartoons where you could basically predict everything and the fun was knocked right out of the cartoons. I was watching a DVD of old Fred avery cartoons (He's Avery funny guy) and as he went along with his cartoons, I felt he was losing the whole direction and fun of the cartoon.

Just Mah opinion, see ya soon

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