Saturday, October 3, 2009

Drawings 005

Hey there

A couple more "dor-INGz" (Drawings)

This character here, the weird dog character wasn't originally designed by me. He was designed by my good old friend Kelven (He's the real master of basic construction), he can draw cartoons ten million times better than me. In fact he's the one that got me into cartoon drawing to begin with. I'll post up some of his stuff sometime, if he lets me.

I finally got around to watching the old Alfred Hitchcock Pshyco, I wasn't to keen on it at first because the only other Hitchcock film I watched was "The Birds"...which felt like a Mary Poppin's Horror. But I can see now why Pshyco was a classic that is everything except the shower scene (People can really ruin a film, blabbering on about it). Anyway here's some (Very weak caricature) drawings of female lead and Alfred.

The smaller drawings there are just playing around with line work.

I had to add in Samuel Jackson, he is the core meaning of "Bad-ass"...No one is more bad-ass then Samuel Jackson...

Catch ya around.

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