Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Half Decent Modern-Day Character


I'm a big fan of Team Fortress 2 (Or just TF2), I stopped playing after a while because of boredom and the fact that they ruined the best character of the game...


He was the first class I saw for the game and He's always been the most fun character personality wise.

He always had the best lines, best expressions, best voice, best everything...He was to me a "NATURALLY" appealling character.

His personality: He's a impulsively proud character...confident in his general size and strength (He refers everyone else as "Wee-lil Babies"). He's passive/aggressive character in that he is mainly quiet and serious when he is dealing with normal life things (Like the "Meet the class" interview) but he's back in the zone when he's fighting and killing in that he yells and screams his famous "Cry some morrrrreeeee!!". Everything he does he does it in a strong manner, it has a forcefulness to it. He has a thing for his minigun (The thing he has in his hands below) in which he calls "Sasha".

His voice: His voice is very distinct to any other russain impersonated voice I've heard, his voice is husky, deep and funny as hell to listen to.

I'd love to see Valve make a short animation cartoon about him, he's such a great character...

He's like the modern-day popeye to me, he's the character you really want to win, he loves getting into fights and he eats heath food...

Eat your sandvich, you want to be big and strong like the Heavy weapons guy, don't you?

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