Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Slap-Happy Lion 01

Hey there

Taking the advice of John, I've been playing a model of a character I've always liked.

I can never remember the names of the characters in a lot of Tex Avery cartoons mainly because the names were barely mentioned...I just remember that this character was just called "The Lion".

As I've mentioned before, I don't really enjoy coping characters because I've got to trying and guess what was the motivation behind the character's action, what was the direction of it all?
I learnt a few factors of what John meant by Hiearchy, I noticed that to constructed the nose I had to work through 3 forms of structure to get a solid detail nose...or at least I think it's a solid nose.
...Did anyone say "Ears"?
Of course when I lined them up it's clear that the original and my attempt are different.
Half way through it I noticed the intension behind the drawing and knew it wasn't going to be correct, I remember this scene the lion is getting ready to roar...so oddly the drawing is leaning forward.
Here's my "Tin-foil hat" principle...Direction. It's shows how my point of Direction is so important, would you really buy a car with no steering wheel?
I tried doing that thing with photoshop by lining up both the layers...but the whole thing just gave me a headache...
I hate trying to view things like that on computers...I even print out the model sheets because it's easy to shift the paper around and get a better idea of it...
Imagine trying to use a computer or laptop like a piece of paper. I think I'll try and draw some of the character.

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