Thursday, October 1, 2009

Drawings 003

Here's some drawings of a character I've been working on. I call him "The Mad-Ranter", an experimental character to practice exaggeration and Line of action and mainly to have fun with. His personality is meant to be a computer nerd that rants a lot but that doesn't come across very clearly.
Yes he's a stolen design from "Alice and Wonderland" (I love the conversations in that movie) with glasses and an overbite big mouth but I don't's fun


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  2. These drawings from "drawings 003" are VERY FUNNY and have instilled a great sense of motion!

    I love Alice & Wonderland too the Mad Hatter is great also Tweedle Dee and Dum with all that classic figure-8 Ward Kimball movement!

    Thanks for the shout out on John K's blog!

    There is a bit of an inside story on that comment.
    (I worked on the 2nd season of Ren & Stimpy as well as the Spike TV one that lasted for 4 ep's)

    Anyway the inside story:

    At the end of "Mad Dog Hoëk", the wrestling episode, Stimpy says this line:

    "I like Darren, he is my friend! I like you AND him--he likes me and I like him!! He likes you, I HOOOOPE! I LIKE HIS AUTOGRAPH, IT IS A NICE PICTURE!!!!! HE IS NIIIIICCEE!!!"

    "Darren" is Darrin J. Sargent the voice of Powder Toast Man in Season 1.
    Later Darren caught wind that John wanted to use Gary Owens to do the voice of Powder Toast Man for an entire episode about the character. Then... sometime later Darren was asked to entertain/lecture a group of Kindergarten kids. At the end of his lecture Darren asked the kids to write letters to Nickelodeon explaning how they LOVED Darren's voice work for Powder Toast Man.
    I guess he was hoping this would help him beat out Gary Owens for the part.

    Bob Camp (the Director of "Mad Dog Hoëk" kept this particular letter because he thought it was so hilarious and later used it for Stimpy's classic wrestling rant.

    John stepped right over my comment... I guess it was too boring.

    Oh well I thought it was fitting in a way because to have a grown man come in and convince kids to write letters saying he is superior... well the irony was too much for me not to post.

    Take care Bryce,

    ~ HOBO

  3. Yeah I remember the line quite well, I guess John doesn't find quotes to be clever or there are simply too many of us with our hands up to notice. It doesn't bother me.

    I'm surprised that you know so much about cartoon history in general, I couldn't keep that much stuff in my head (I'd go crazy).


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